CNC routing uses advanced CNC technology to increase speed and productivity of a wide variety of parts for Plastics, Wood and Aluminum substrates. The routing spindle and drill heads are versatile, and allows us to route a part, and then provide vertical and horizontal drilling of intricate shapes within +-.003” tolerances. Once programmed into the machine, the router becomes a very efficient machine for mass quantity production parts. Contact us to learn more about how we can create your parts. Due to advanced router bit technology, PRG can likely provide you a solution for your material and application that will result in a perfect smooth edge finish part directly off of the machine without the need for post processing.



Tolerances: +-.003″

Table size: 5′ Wide x 12′ Long

Material Thickness: up to 6″ thick

Desired file type: All Engineering formats

Edge Finish: Can be perfectly smooth

Material: PRG offers many available materials on the shelf, and can bring in nearly any available sheet stock material from our vendors ranging from 48″x96″ to 60″x144″